What is a Designated School?

In 2013-14, Fresno Unified School Board alongside Fresno Unified Teacher’s Association spent time together studying what would have the most impact on moving student achievement in our schools that have been under-performing for generations of students.  This led to the CBA Article 65 allowing 40 schools to create more time for students and more collaboration and learning for staff.

  1. Add an additional 30 minutes per day for students with their teacher
  2. Add up to an additional 80 hours – 10 days for teachers to collaborate together to assess where students are in their learning for grade level readiness.
  3. Compensate teachers for the additional efforts due to teaching in schools with complex and complicated challenges.

With the added 30 minutes for students, a student at a Designated School would have up to 18 more days of instruction yearly compared to other students. This allows schools to start closing that gap that exists. Knowing that other extra learning times do exist, Designated School extra time is different as it is not dependent on parents and/or students to voluntarily participate in the extra time.  This time is part of their school day for every child.

Site NamePrincipalPhone
AddamsNatanska Valtierra457-2510
AnthonyKatie Navarrette457-2520
AynesworthCha Vang253-6410
BalderasToua Chang253-6420
BirneyKristina Montez248-7000
BurroughsLorena Federico253-6430
CalwaAntonio Sanchez457-2610
ColumbiaMike Rivard457-2630
Del MarNicole Woods248-7070
EasterbyNancy Her253-6440
EricsonTina Rodriguez253-6450
EwingRosalinda Torres253-6460
FremontJulie Johnson457-2910
GreenbergLinda M. Ramirez253-6550
HeatonLaura Gemetti457-2920
HidalgoXee Moua457-2930
HomanJackie Price457-2940
JacksonRodolfo Gonzalez457-2950
JeffersonJennifer Thomas457-2960
KingSummer Gaston-Gehris457-2970
KirkLaToya Tatum457-2980
LaneYi "Isabelle" Xiong253-6480
LincolnMarisa Favila457-3010
LowellJennifer Her-Yang457-3020
MayfairGay Ockey457-3140
MuirNicole Jones457-3150
NorsemanKevin Her253-6500
OlmosSherry Tharpe253-6620
PyleIsacc Villanueva248-7240
RoedingDebbie Duran248-7250
RowellAlice McClintock457-3200
SlaterKelli Wilkins248-7260
Vang PaoYua Lee457-3380
VikingChristie Yang248-7290
WebsterDenise Romero-Whittles457-3430
WilliamsBonifacio Sanchez248-7540
WilsonMeegan Grant248-7320
WishonNoemi Parayno248-7330
WoltersMay Her248-7340
YosemiteNichole Horn457-3450
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