The Spanish Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program is currently offered at fifteen schools, thirteen elementary, one middle school and one high school with representation in each Region. Nine of the elementary sites are neighborhood DLI programs serving only students from the school’s attendance area. Four elementary schools, Yosemite MS, and McLane HS are choice program sites which require the completion of a transfer request application and participation in a lottery when there are more applications than space available. 

The 90:10 Spanish DLI program model strives to balance classes linguistically with 30% Spanish speakers, 30% bilingual students, and 30% native English speakers. Students in the most primary grades (PreK-1st) study all content in Spanish including Spanish literacy for 90% of the day and the remaining 10% is dedicated to English instruction via English Language Development.

Percentages of English instruction increase as students move up the grade levels until fourth through six grades when students receive 50% of their instruction in Spanish and 50% in English. Teachers leverage language transfer connections, and cross linguistic comparison and contrast opportunities to facilitate students’ metalinguistic skills and awareness development. The DLI program makes it possible for English learners and native English speakers to become biliterate in each other’s languages through a learning culture of collaboration and interdependence.

English Learner students in the DLI program typically perform as well or better than their counterparts receiving monolingual instruction as demonstrated in re-designation rates and assessment results. Program goals are high academic achievement, bilingualism, bi-literacy and global-cultural competence. The program is described as, “Preparing college and career ready students who are bilingual, bi-literate and culturally competent.”

Dual Immersion Schools

School SiteGrade Level
Burroughs ElementaryPK-1
Calwa ElementaryPK-1
Centennial ElementaryPK-1
Ewing Elementary (T)PK-6
Jackson ElementaryK-1
Lane ElementaryPK-1
Leavenworth Elementary (T)PK-6
McLane High (T)9-11
Roeding ElementaryPK-1
Rowell ElementaryPK-2
Sunset Elementary (T)PK-6
Vang Pao Elementary (Hmong)PK-2
Wawona K-8 (T)PK-2
Yosemite Middle (T)7-8
(T) A parent should apply through the Transfers Office for placement of their child at one of these DI schools. Phone # 248-7538

Bilingual Program Schools

School NameGrade Level
Burroughs ElementaryK-3
Hidalgo ElementaryK-3
Jackson Elementary2-3
Lane Elementary2-3
(T) A parent should apply through the Transfers Office for placement of their child at one of these DI schools. Phone # 248-7538

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